Welcome to Temple Beth Chai! We offer a dynamic and diverse involvement in the religious community in South Florida.

We are unique in many ways:

Our belief is, “True belonging comes with a commitment of the heart.”

When you become a part of the Temple Beth Chai community, you are welcomed with warmth and caring.Through the thirteen years of our existence, we have opened our doors and hearts to families in order to share a deep sense of friendship and community through the extended family of Judaism. We are committed to the strength of our beliefs, cultures that bind us from long ago and our promises to be strong for the future of our children.

At TBC, there are no fixed membership dues, nor building funds. Instead we rely on voluntary contributions and support by our members and guests to sustain ourselves financially. We charge no dues in order to emphasize that membership in a spiritual community is not something that one can buy. There are no “politics” for there is no “Board of Directors”. (Fees for life cycle events, such as weddings, funerals, baby namings and B’Nei Mitzvahs will be incurred on a per service basis).